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Hour long interview with Randy Rubinstein of SRA Solder ( about all the stuff you beginners are doing wrong when you solder. And yeah, Randy has been doing this forever, so the pros will probably learn something too.

Click here for the link
| Posted By Andy Moriaty

We are proud to be a sponsor of the University of Texas San Antonio Velox Racing team this year.

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| Posted By Sam Skinner

Watertight Case Banner

| Posted By Sam Skinner



Wixey Model WL133 Drill Press Laser $39.99

The Wixey WR133 Drill Press laser projects a thin set of cross-hairs onto your drill press table precisely where the drill bit will contact the work piece.

  • Thin and precise easy to adjust cross-hairs
  • Mounts quickly to any drill press
  • Cross-hairs stay on center at any table or work piece height.
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)




Aoyue 888A 2 in 1 Digital Hot Air Rework and Soldering Station $72.99

The NEW 888A only available from SRA Soldering Products and has a 60 Watt iron and Hot Air.

  • 60 watt soldering iron
  • Digital Display for the Soldering Iron and Hot Air Temperatures
  • Adjustable sleep timer for the soldering iron and Hot Air
  • Spool and Sponge Holder
  • 10 Soldering iron tips
  • Digital Calibration for the Iron, Hot Air and the Fan



| Posted By Sam Skinner

Aoyue 3D Products

8/16/2016 11:53 AM

Ritocco: New Product InfoRead More
| Posted By Sam Skinner

New Facility for SRA Shops

8/16/2016 11:38 AM

We are now in the final stages of the move to our larger facility! Our new address is 24 Walpole Park S. STE10 Walpole, MA 02081 and It is located directly across the street from our old building. We will still offer local pickup as an option for customers who wish to pickup their orders in person. Thank you for working with us in this busy time while we get situated.

| Posted By Sam Skinner

New 3D Touch up tool

6/14/2016 12:49 PM

The worlds most advanced sculpting and re-touching tool for owners of 3D printers, ergonomically designed, with interchangeable compound tips – perfect for finishing off your 3D printouts.Read More
| Posted By SRA
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